Fix references and all warnings in the release notes docs.

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The release notes emit a lot of warnings, due to the usage of :option:
and the inability for this to properly reference options in external
documentation over intersphinx.

To prevent these warnings and improve documentation, a few changes
were made:

  1. There's now a :rbtcommand: directive and role for linking to RBTools
    commands, which supports intersphinx mapping. This is used in the
    documentation now instead of using :program: or :command:.

  2. We're now using the new support in beanbag-docutils 1.3 to fix up
    option references and to specify explicit intersphinx sets to use
    when a reference doesn't otherwise match anything, ensuring that we
    link up to the right documentation in each release notes page.

  3. Release notes for older versions of RBTools that did not ship
    manuals (< 0.5) no longer use :option:, but instead just use
    literals. While we'd ideally use :option:, it's not worth the
    warnings and doesn't buy us anything here.

  4. Sections pertaining to specific RBTools commands now specify
    .. program:: in order to link up the options correctly.

Built the docs and went through every affected page and link, making
sure all the links were correct.

There are no longer any warnings in the docs.