Update the bugs closed field's label from 'Bugs' to 'Bugs Closed'

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On the api side, as well as throughout the code, this field is called bugs_closed but on the website, it's only called 'Bugs'. This change updates the bugs closed field's label from 'Bugs' to 'Bugs Closed' so that the website and the api are consistent.

Manually verified that the review request page on a test server shows the label 'Bugs Closed'.

  1. Hi. Thanks for the contribution.

    The reason why the internal field and the label don't match is that once upon a time, they did, but it was causing some confusion. Some users thought that the bugs would get closed automatically. Some people were annoyed that a bug might be listed as "closed" but the change might only be a piece of the fix and not entirely address the bug. After a while of this, we changed the label to just say "bugs", which allows a much wider interpretation to fit in with whatever people's workflows happen to be.

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