Fix Ship-it count cell roundness in Safari 4

Review Request #895 — Created June 13, 2009 and submitted


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WebKit had a bug when dealing with -webkit-border-radius greater than the size of the span itself:
This bug causes the border not to be rounded our Dashboard, inside the ship-it-count cell. A simple fix, that works correctly for both Safari 4 and Safari 3 is presented in the patch. Since only the -webkit-border-radius property was changed, no other browsers will be affected.

WebKit's bug was just fixed, and this behavior is not present in the nightly build of WebKit, but it missed the target to enter Safari 4, and still affects Safari 3.

It would be great if this patch entered the 1.0 of ReviewBoard.
Tested in Safari 3, 4 and Nightly Build #44591 for Mac
Tested in Firefox 3.0 and 3.5 just to check if no change occurred.
  1. Looks good. Fixed in r2009.