Add support for Gerrit as a hosting service

Review Request #8938 - Created May 10, 2017 and updated

Barret Rennie
Review Board
8923, 8913

This patch adds support for Gerrit as a hosting service when the Gerrit
server has the gerrit-reviewboard plugin installed (see: /r/8919/ et
al.). The Gerrit API does not provide sufficient information (e.g., it
cannot retrieve files by blob ID, cannot list commits, and cannot
retrieve diffs for arbitrary commits not related to changes), so we rely
on the plugin for this. This hosting service will check for the plugin's
presence via the Gerrit API and will not allow repositories without it

  • Tested post-commit review request creation.
  • Tested rbt post with a Gerrit-backed repository.
  • Ran unit tests.
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