Add support for touch events for comment creation in the diff viewer.

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Christian Hammond
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This adds touchscreen support in the diff viewer for selecting rows and
creating comments, and for opening existing comments. When using a
device like an iPad, users can now tap-and-drag down line numbers to
create a new comment, or tap a line with an existing comment to view it.
This works just like using a mouse.

The page will not scroll when creating a selection, helping to keep
selections predictable. Dragging in any other column (such as the code
columns) will continue to scroll the page.

Selections can be cancelled by ending a drag outside of the line numbers

Tested creating single-line comments on an iPad.

Tested creating multi-line comments on an iPad.

Tested dragging upwards and downwards, ensuring the selection is always

Tested ending a selection outside of the line numbers column to cancel
the selection.

Tested tapping a line with an existing comment to view that comment.

Tested scrolling the page by dragging in other parts of the page.

Tested that all mouse operations still worked correctly.

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