Chain up API calls to the server.

Review Request #892 — Created June 11, 2009 and submitted


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Chain up API calls to the server.

We were calling API functions in parallel, which in some cases could
cause breakages on the server when the server was under load. For
example, clicking Save on a comment when another comment was still being

We now chain up rbApiCalls that POST to the server so that only one API
request is happening at a time. This goes a long way to keep from having
broken reviews on the server when things are stalled.
Faked delays in saving comments on the server. Loaded the diff viewer page without any server-side cache and attempted to quickly add 2 comments. Saw that the GETs for the diffs were loading without our new queue interrupting it, but that the POSTs in the queue were going in sequence, preventing the comment requests from being handled at the same time.