[WIP] Added a floating banner to the diff view

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Orjan Monsen
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We currently have to scroll all the way to the top if we want to be navigated to a
specific diff file.

I added a floating banner to the diff view that sticks to the top of the page when
the user has scrolled down. I added text to the banner: "Navigate: ", as well as
a dropdown button. This button is a list of all diff file names. The current
state displays the first diff filename on default, and each diff filename
when hovering over the arrow. The default filename is duplicated at the
moment. I also added scrolling functionality when the button gets clicked.
This will take the user's view to the anchor tag of the selected diff file.

Screenshots of the current state of my project:

I have tested the floating banner on the testing server using dummy diff files
created by RB Tools.

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