The "Change Repository" page does not hide the password field

Review Request #865 — Created May 9, 2009 and submitted


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In the "Change Repository" page, one can enter/edit details of the repository that is to be used.
The password field is not hidden in this page.

This happens because one can't set any attributes for a field in a Django model to specify that it's a password.

The change, adds a RepositoryForm class which overrides the "password" field of the model to use a "PasswordInput" widget. Also the "RepositoryAdmin" class is changed to use RepositoryForm as the form.

This should fix Issue 942, I think.

  1. Thanks for the change. Funny timing on this.. The night before you posted this I had done a complete rewrite of the Repository form which fixed this, amongst other things. I just forgot to push the change from my Git repo to SVN.
    Committed as r1969.