Make it easy to satisfy the Let's Encrypt challenge without changing code.

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David Trowbridge

Because Heroku doesn't have built-in support for Let's Encrypt, we need to
generate (and renew) the certificate in manual mode. This requires setting up a
special endpoint on the server to serve a secret so that they can verify that
we actually do own the domain that the certificate is being issued for.

So far I've done this by pushing a special build, but that's kind of icky. This
change makes it possible to do the challenge/response by changing environment
variables in the application config.

Used this while renewing the SSL certificate.

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David Trowbridge
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    1. I'm not sure if you're really asking or if you're just trying to test out Review Board. If it's the latter, please use

      If you are really asking, yes, I wanted to post this. It doesn't expose any Let's Encrypt secrets, just the code that can be used to handle the challenge when properly configured via environment variables.