Update the documentation for installing Review Board.

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Review Board
The installation docs we had were very outdated. They recommended
easy_install (which isn't ideal for modern packages), spoke of now
unsupported configurations, and referenced old version numbers. The
Windows docs in particular were unhelpful, basically saying there aren't
any options on Windows (rather than pointing to Bitnami).

This change cleans up the docs quite a bit. It removes a bunch of stuff
we don't want to mention in the Linux installation docs (such as the
outdated requirements for development installs). It switches everything
to pip, places some notes around PySVN vs subvertpy, and more. The end
result is a more streamlined, up-to-date document.

The Windows docs now point to Bitnami, instead of telling people they're
out of luck.

Built the docs and read through them.

Tested new links.

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  1. Ship It!
  2. I see this is on release-2.5.x, which I thought was still Python 2.5+, whereas 3.0 will require Python 2.7, right?  Just want to make sure I have that right for future reference.
    1. 2.5.x is Python 2.6+ (2.0 is the last one to support Python 2.5). The reason I'm not mentioning Python 2.6 here is just to encourage people to try to get onto Python 2.7.

    2. Thanks.  To that end any chance of putting together a migration guide for Review Board (or is there one that I've missed)?  I've already given the IT guys at my office a heads up that Python 2.7 will be required soon, and they are probably going to move us to a whole new OS to simplify meeting that requirement.  But, they are already asking questions about migrating settings, data, etc.
    3. I'd love to say "Sure, let me add that to my docs task list," and I will add it. Whether that'll happen during this batch of docs before something swoops in and takes up my time for the next few weeks, who can say.

      Mini guide:

      1. Get a new mod_wsgi on there that uses Python 2.7.
      2. Switch pip and easy_install to use Python 2.7 (or invoke the -2.7 versions of those).
      3. Install Review Board again, using the 2.7 version of pip or easy_install.
      4. Sanity-check that rb-site invokes Python 2.7 (you can check the first line of the file).
      5. Run rb-site upgrade.
      6. Restart Apache.

      That should basically be it. It's just about switching the tooling and getting the 2.7 equivalent of the packages on there.

  3. Typo: install.
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