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Add condition choices/operators for review requests, repositories, and more.

Review Request #8338 — Created Aug. 29, 2016 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded


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This introduces a new set of standardized condition choices and
operators for any extensions, integrations, or built-in UI that wants to
offer user-customizable condition sets based on review requests,
repositories, or review groups.

The repository-based condition choices/operators allow for matching
repositories based on the SCMTool type, the public/privacy level,
set/unset state, or by comparing to a list of user-defined repository

The review group condition choices/operators allow for matching a
list/queryset of review groups based on the invite-only flags,
empty/non-empty states, or by comparing to a list of user-defined review
group entries.

The review request condition choices/operators build upon both of these,
offering those choices in relation to the review request's target group
list and associated repository. It also includes operators for built-in
fields and for matching modified files in the current diff.

Unit tests were added that cover everything but the most trivial
choices (those that are simply based on already-tested choice classes in

Unit tests pass.

Made use of these in an integration. From current testing, they work
as expected (though more thorough testing will be needed for corner