Show the standard user selector, not an ID list, for a group's users.

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A previous change regressed the usablity of the review group page,
swapping the user selector for an ID list for performance reasons. This
is really only an issue on our spam-filled server, which is a whole
separate issue, and we want admins to not have to deal with matching up

This switches us back to the user selector.

Verified that the user selector was back.

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  1. I don't think it's just our "spam-filled server". There are other public servers with very many legitimate users who had apache thread crashing issues because of this. I think we need to write our own widget (or find some third-party one) that combines the search functionality of the ID field with the visual UI of the selector.

    1. I think we should too, but this is a really terrible experience by default, and it'd be enough to make me look at alternatives. It's basically unusable for the entire purpose of that page. Until we have such a selector, the behavior we had for years is going to be a better experience for 99% of the installs.

    2. Want to try to get a new widget written before the next 2.5.x? That'd definitely be an ideal scenario.

    3. I'll see what I can do. It's definitely a rock/hard-place situation because either we have a bad UI or we crash for the people who rely on it most.

    4. So the new widget is in development, and we'll hopefully be able to get that into a release soon, but I'd like to get this change into 2.5.5 (tomorrow) until then.

      Companies with the large servers can stay on 2.5.4 if they need to, but having first-hand gone through the setup process with this change in place, it basically makes our product unusabe from a setup and maintenance standpoint. Plus it doesn't solve the problem, because the repository and default reviewer pages still show the original widget.

  1. Ship It!
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