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I am posting this here to see if there is any interest from the community to update the UI. I would be willing to do the work, if it would be welcomed. We use Review Board where I work, and so far it has been a good tool for our workflow. The only complaint I have heard is the UI seems dated and could be improved. Does anyone have any thoughts / opinions one way or the other on this?

  1. Hi,

    This would better be posted on the mailing list, as this server is for code review. However, we completed a large-scale UI refresh in 2.5 already. Not sure what version you're running.

    1. We are running 2.5.3. If you guys have recently done a UI update, then I suppose this request would not be welcomed?

    2. I'd be up to hearing your suggestions on the reviewboard-dev list for incremental changes, but we won't be changing it for the sake of change. Only change that make the product legitimately better for everyone.

    3. Ok. That is fair. Where is the reviewboard-dev list? I'll try to quit blowing up your code review server... lol. :)

    4. https://groups.google.com/group/reviewboard-dev

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