Support for fastcgi with Apache and mod_fcgid

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Currently mod_fcgid doesn't work out-of-box. You need to change the apache-fastcgi.conf manually. This patch solves this problem.
Tested on Debian Sid with Apache 2.2.11 and mod_fcgid
  1. How does the fastcgi script get invoked in this setup? And why does the /media directory have a RewriteRule?
    1. dispatch.fcgi gets called and mod_fcgid executes it. The rewrite rule is necessary, because otherwise /media/bla is resolved to /dispatch.fcgi/media/bla which will fail.
    2. And where does dispatch.fcgi come from? How is our Django fastcgi script ever executed? At some point our code needs to run and I don't see the magic here that lets that happen.
    3. Sorry, I meant reviewboard.fcgi.
    4. Okay. I'm still missing the part where we actually reference reviewboard.fcgi. We have the one entry for mod_fastcgi, but not for mod_fcgid.
    5. Files with .fcgi extension are handled by mod_fcgid. I really don't know exactly why mod_fastcgi needs additional configuration and mod_fcgid doesn't...
    6. Well, mod_fcgid can't just guess where reviewboard.fcgi lives, so it absolutely has to reference it somewhere. Does it reuse the FastCGIServer line? If so, then we need to make sure we specify that for both modules (and make sure it doesn't conflict when both are enabled).
    7. Well, the root folder (htdocs) contains reviewboard.fcgi, so it doesn't need to guess. mod_fcgid doesn't understand the FastCGIServer option. If you have both modules loaded it won't work, but that wouldn't really make sense anyway.
    8. I was looking primarily at your changes and completely missed that it's just reusing that RewriteRule at the bottom. My apologies, I think I was up too late last night.
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  1. Thanks, committed as r1907.