post-review: for svn, fix revision range for when only one revision is given

Review Request #781 — Created March 24, 2009 and discarded


Review Board SVN (deprecated)


When you only give one revision for post review, you expect that only that revision only will be posted.

However, with post review today and svn, if you say --revision-range=r500 that will become r500:HEAD

This patch changes it to r459:r500, which are the changes generated by revision 500 only.
Ran it on my local instance with --revision-range=r457

This became: .../@r456 to .../@r457 which is what I expected
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Fixed spacing to be consistent with the existing style.
  1. My concern is that this change breaks existing semantics, which are based on how svn diff tends to work. If you run svn diff -r 499, it'll diff between 499 and your current tree. It doesn't diff between 499 and 500.
    Maybe this is okay, but I'd bring it up on the mailing list first, to get input from people.
    Also, in this case, we could probably just use the -c parameter, which does the work of -r with the calculations that you're otherwise doing. Keeps the logic out of post-review and lets SVN handle it as best it can.