Automatically detect issues covered by review request from the commit messages.

Review Request #7807 — Created Dec. 14, 2015 and discarded — Latest diff uploaded




Most issue tracker support some scheme of issue referencing inside the commit messages. ...

When a developer finish some issue, he does a commit message with number of this issue(for example: “add some function (refs #123)”). Developer must write a number of issue in consol, but this informarion already is in commit message. I have created a new option, which work like option "--guess-description” or "--guess-summary”.

Automatically the option is used, so when a request is send if a commit message have numbers of issues then numbers will written in the field “bugs_closed”. If a commits massage havn’t numbers of issues then nothing happens. User can swith off my option if he use "--guess-bugs-closed no”. If request is send with option "--bugs-closed” then numbers of issues will written in the field “bugs-closed” which a user write in consol only, as usually.