Allow post-review to read the Review Board server url from a Perforce counter.

Review Request #771 — Created March 16, 2009 and submitted


Review Board SVN (deprecated)


This is similar to what is already available for SVN and Git. Newer versions of Perforce (2008.1 and up) can put the url directly in the counter value, while older versions require the slightly hackier method of embedding the url inside the counter name.
Tested both methods against a 2008.1 Perforce server and the counter name method on 2007.2 and was able to successfully post reviews in all cases without specifying the Review Board url anywhere else.
  1. Awesome! Thanks Paul. Committed as r1827 (with some minor trailing whitespace cleanups).
    You're contributor #110, btw. Sorry, I don't have any super-cool prizes for that.