Add support for disabling user registration.

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Add support for disabling user registration.

This provides a checkbox in the General Settings page for disabling user
registration. This only takes effect when using standard authentication,
and will hide the "Register" link and redirect requests made to
/account/register/ to the /account/login/ page instead.
Tested the /account/register/ path and the existence of the link with the following combinations:

* Registration enabled and standard auth
* Registration disabled and standard auth
* Registration enabled and LDAP
* Registration disabled and LDAP

All cases work. Note that LDAP is a good enough test for non-standard auth types, since the only auth-specific checks are against "builtin".
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    If this only affects builtin auth, shouldn't this be part of an auth_builtin fieldset? That way it would appear/disappear based on what authentication backend you select.
    1. Originally I had made it part of the built-in auth only, but there's no reason it should be specific to built-in auth. For example, OpenID may need a register page. I don't want to limit it and make it specific to built-in auth for this reason.
    2. I suppose. I'm tempted to say let's make it builtin only for now and we can generalize later when multiple backends want to do it.
    3. Alright, we can do that. I suppose as long as we keep the settings name generic, it's fine.
  3. And you could get rid of this special case.
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  1. Looks good!