post-review uses --no-prefix option to git which diff disagrees with GitDiffParser::__parse_diff()

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The post-review script uses the --no-prefix option to git diff.  
This option specifically omits the artificial a/ and b/ prefixes of the pathnames of the files being diffed. GitDiffParser::__parse_diff() is hard-coded to remove the first 2 chars from the path names, assuming that the a/ and b/ are present.
This disagreement results in reviewboard dropping the first two characters of the filenames produced by post-review when using git as the scm.

I chose to change post-review rather than since the test in specifically test for the _presence_ of the a/ and b/ prefixes.  That makes it fairly clear that post-review is in error.
Posted a review to my own reviewboard (1.0 alpha 2) server using git as the scm and my modified post-review.  Note that the filenames in the diff now include the first two characters which had been dropped using the stock version of post-review.

Note that this patch changes the behaviour for git-svn as well as native git.  I only tested native git.
  1. This change for git proper looks good to me. I didn't notice the paths being cut off originally...
    But I suspect the change should not be made for git-svn.
  2. I think this should keep the --no-prefix since git-svn uses the svn diff parser. However, I don't use git-svn so I can't say for sure.
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I put back the "--no-prefix" option in the git-svn case.  I confirmed that Dan was right about this being required for git-svn.  I set up an SVN repo and cloned from it using git-svn.  With my r1 patch, I got extra 'a/' and 'b/' prefixes on the filenames.  With my r2 patch, everything works fine.  So, only the native git case should have the "--no-prefix" option.  New patch is attached.




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  1. Looks good to me.
  1. Looks good to me too. Committed as r1813.