Enabling rbt stamp for Perforce

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Enable rbt stamp for Perforce

Previously, rbt stamp supported only git. I want to use it for perforce too,
so this change accomplishes that. I've tried to make stamp behave as similarly
as possible to post, with respect to the way a changelist is specified.

For perforce, rbt post is able to "update" an existing review without the -u
flag by trying to post the changelist to a new review. ReviewBoard then returns
an exception stating that the changelist already has a review, and then rbt
updates that review instead. To imitate this behavior in rbt stamp, since I
didn't want to actually have to post a review, I implemented a "guessing
strategy" that queries ReviewBoard for a review request associated with the
particular changelist ID. If one is found, that is the review whose URL is

I would also like to add a stamp option directly into rbt post, so that a
review can be posted and stamped in one command (this would also eliminate
ambiguity about which commit the stamp is attached to), but that will come in a
a separate code review. This would also allow for an additional useful guessing
strategy, to find the review request ID by searching the commit message for a

Tested manually by posting and stamping many draft reviews with Perforce and Git.