Linkify various pieces of text in the Description and Testing Done fields

Review Request #714 — Created Jan. 21, 2009 and submitted


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This implements support for linkifying pieces of text in the Description and Testing Done fields. Specifically, the following are linkified:

* URLs
* /r/123 numbers (even /r/123/diff and such)
* bug/issue numbers (in the form of "bug abc123", "bug #abc123", "issue abc123", and "issue #abc123")
Tested various links. They all seemed to work correctly. It didn't seem that unintentional links ended up forming in my tests.
  1. I don't quite see how this works with editing?  Specifically, if someone puts a URL in the text of the description box, when they save, does it become a link? When they edit it again, do they see <a= ...> or does it de-linkify it?
    1. This is already handled by the inline editors. They strip tags from the string. When editing the field, the user will just see text, and after saving, it will contain links. Editing again will turn the links back into text. I can give you a demo if you want to see it.
    2. If you claim it works, I believe you. Ship it!