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Add reverse with some hard coded values to TienboyView

WIP: introductory phase for Diff Doctor Summary of changes: - Created a view for viewing patch results - Created a view for downloading patch files (does not work yet) - Created a PatchError class, which is now caught by ReviewDiffFragmentView

Move location of diff file rejection download

Summary of changes:
- Deleted PatchErrorView, instead rendering content in ReviewsDiffFragmentView
- Simplified get() function in PatchErrorDownloadView
- Add exception handling for SCMErrors (which are in turn thrown when HTTPErrors are thrown, for example a non-responsive endpoint in GitWeb/CGit)
- Added a wrapper in DiffFragmentView to let subclasses insert extra context variables when an error is caught
- Change template code in diff_fragment_error.html to display Diff Doctor information

Add translation. Format fixing and refactor

Rebase diff doctor work onto master branch


Display original, diff and reject file in place of error traceback

Summary of changes:
- Changed PatchError to return reject file as an error attribute
- Used Pygments to format the original, diff and reject files (if available), results passed directly to the template (rendered via the safe filter)
- Removed FileNotFoundError (just catch SCMError)
- Changed diff_fragment_error template: removed traceback, and added collapsible links for displaying the files formatted by pygments as mentioned above
- Replaced a few <blocktrans> with <trans>

Merging master into local branch

Merge branch 'master' into test

test to reproduce bug

Review request changed

Status: Discarded