Removed search in ldap authentication

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We use ldap that has no anonymous access and so you cannot search it without authentication. So we could not login using provided code.
After removing search and building user_dn by hand everything works fine, and we can log in using our LDAP :)

This diff replaces: . I could not use Update Diff because of some strange form error. 
Basic, on our local server - logging in started to work :)
  1. So, I committed /r/729, which works a bit differently than this. It logs in as the anonymous user set in the settings before doing the search. Is this something that could work in your case?
    LDAP is a tricky thing for us, because a lot of users are having different issues with different LDAP servers, and sometimes we end up fixing one and breaking another. Whatever we do here can't break things or change how configuration works for other servers.
    What LDAP server are you using?
    1. It should be OK :)
    2. We are using OpenLDAP.
    3. Okay, cool. Let me know for sure when you get a chance to test the committed patch and I'll close this out if it works. Otherwise we'll find a way to make it work.
      I'm going to try to start compiling a list of LDAP servers people are using to at least have a vague idea when things break.