Make descriptions in the issue summary table expandable so full comments are viewable in table on click

Review Request #6910 — Created Feb. 5, 2015 and discarded — Latest diff uploaded


Review Board


Added a new div in review_issue_summary_table.html that contains full comment text and is initially hidden.
Added a new CSS class, 'issue-summary-collapsed,' to be applied to this hidden div when the summary is collapsed.
Added two new JS methods, onPreviewClicked and onFullClicked, for handling user clicks.

This change allows the user to conveniently see full issue descriptions in-table, without having to click the description and be redirected to the comment itself.

Manual testing:
- Added long (past the 20 word cutoff mark) comments to a review request.
- Able to click the description in the issue summary table to see the full comment text.
- If the full text is being displayed, able to switch back to the 20 word version upon click.