[WIP] Add archived state to review requests

Review Request #6830 — Created Jan. 25, 2015 and discarded — Latest diff uploaded


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Orig: January 25, 2015
- added visibility field to ReviewRequestVisit with visible (V) and archived (A) states
- added show_archived attribute to DashboardDataGrid
- added ReviewRequestVisitManager

January 31, 2015
- scrapped ReviewRequestVisitManager idea
- added a query that filters archived requests to ReviewRequestManager
- wrote and applied a evolution for visibility in the ReviewRequestVisit table

February 11, 2015
- added archive and mute buttons in template with handlers
- added a reviewRequestVisit JavaScript resource that talks to the webAPI
- began review_request_visit API

February 13, 2015
- scrapped review_request_visit API and decided on two separate archived_request_visit and muted_request_visit APIs to prevent visits from being exposed
- added archive/unarchive/mute/unmute functions in reviewRequestVisit model
- began archive banner

February 16, 2015
- url() and archive() in archivedReviewRequestModel.js
- added decorators in the archived_review_request webAPI resource

February 17, 2015
- finished implementing query that filters archived review requests
- added more functional hyperlink that toggles review request visibility with url query
- works as it should if there are no other existing url queries, but still need to figure out how to append to existing, non-"show-archived" url queries

February 19, 2015
- fixed archive query
- completed POST request for archiving
- made "Hide" button disappear when review request is already archived

February 28, 2015