Default to http protocol for server url.

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Currently, rbtools assume that the reviewboard server url is given with http protocol. This results in an error connecting to the server despite the fact that the url given is valid. This problem will arise if http protocol is not given in either the config file(.reviewboardrc) or in the input with rbt setup-repo command.

Now, the url will default to http protocol if no protocol is given. This prevents url retrieve from the config file or from the setup-repo command input from throwing connection not found error message when the correct url is given.

Tested rbt setup-repo and config file with and without the http protocol. E.g. “localhost:8080” and “http://localhost:8080”. Worked fine for both with different commands.

Tested with invalid url. E.g. “htp://localhost:8080” . Valid error message shown.

Ran unit tests.