Retrive bugs fixed from 'Jobs' in a p4 changelist

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Changes to retrieve bugs fixed from jobs specified in a p4 changelist.

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Change Summary:
Fixed a stupid mistake.
  1. Thanks for the patch. This is good functionality to have, but there's a better place for it.
    We handle filling out these fields automatically in the Perforce SCMTool (scmtools/ Basically, a few fields are parsed out of the change description and filled out. You can see the VMware-specific Perforce SCMTool (scmtools/ for an example of adding custom fields to this.
    What I'd suggest is modifying parse_change_desc in to retrieve the fixes (using the p4 API) and setting changeset.bugs_closed.
    This would unify the logic and remove the need for any custom configuration in post-review.
    1. 1. I did this change specifically to workaround bug 777. And that is why the change lies in post-review script.
      2. If we decide to move the change to scmtools/ then we will have to add a field in perforce repository configuration where user can specify the regular expression to be used to retrieve the bug numbers from jobs fixed.