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Django Evolution


The project has apparently moved from Google Code to GitHub. Update the
link in

Remove ez_setup

ez_setup was a workaround from the dark days of Python packaging, before
setuptools and pip were common on machines. setuptools is almost
universally available these days. So, we stop using ez_setup and just
use setuptools directly.

For reference, the current version of the Python Packaging User Guide
recommends using setuptools directly from

Switch to modern packaging

django-evolution is currently distributed using egg packaging via This is problematic for 2 main

First, egg packaging is old and dated. The Python Packaging User Guide
recommends wheels and source distributions, not eggs. This patch rips
out references to eggs and replaces them with wheel support.

Second, distribution over plain text via makes
pip and people wearing security hats unhappy. Python packages should be
distributed over a TLS-secured transport. Most Python packages use I believe django-evolution should too.

This patch assumes that PyPI will be used for distribution going
forward. As such, references to the old download URL have been removed.
Instead, pip/PyPI will do their discovery dance to find available
packages (presumably wheels).

After this patch is incorporated, a new release can be made to PyPI by
following the instructions at

pip wheel . and python bdist_wheel both seem to work.

  1. Thanks for the work on this. I think a discussion on the future of the packaging is a good thing to have. I'm going to send out an e-mail to reviewboard-dev and to you to discuss some of this in a place where more people can participate. In that, I'll give you my take on the state of things (this covers our whole set of modules as a whole, and isn't necessarily tied to this particular module).

    1. Thanks for being receptive to improving the packaging!

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We're fully pip-compliant these days and hosted on PyPI.