Add column 'repository' containing the name of the repository in review datagrid

Review Request #674 — Created Dec. 16, 2008 and submitted


Review Board SVN (deprecated)


As DVCS are gaining popularity, projects tends to divide to small 
distinct repositories (which is partly due to the incapacity of 
the main DVCS to retrieve sub-directories of a given repository).

As a matter of fact, code-review tools must be able to span accross
several repositories, which is the case of the reviewboard. 
But a simple feature seems missing : in the global review table 
there is no column to pin point to which repository a particular
code-review applies.
Fortunately, this do not take long to patch.

I'm sorry if this was previously discussed or even resolved. I'm 
using the last public SVN code source, and this issue doesn't 
seem to have been worked out.

  1. This is a simple change, but very useful!
  2. trunk/reviewboard/reviews/ (Diff revision 1)
    I think it should not have "link=True".  The datagrid ends up linking it to the review request, but my expectation from clicking on a repository name is that I would go to a page about that repository.  (Such a page listing reviews only in a particular repository might be another good thing to add!)
    Also, my repository names have spaces in them, which ends up getting wrapped to the width of the column header.  Setting "shrink=False" helps a little, but I think what I really want is "shrink=True, wrap=False", which would require djblets enhancements.
  3. The enhancements I suggested are a bit orthogonal -- your change is a good one in any case.
  1. Looks good. I changed link=True to link=False and then committed it as r1640. Thanks!