Front-end for general comments

Review Request #6506 — Created Oct. 25, 2014 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded


Review Board


Reviewboard currently support 3 types of comments: Diff commment, File attachment comments, Screenshot comments.
This is a new type of comments: General comments.

A general comment on a review request is used when a comment is not tied to specific lines of code or a special file attachment, and an issue is opened. Examples include suggestions for testing or pointing out errors in the change description.

The general comment backend model is built. (review request 6375)
The general comment web-api also done. (review request 6431)
This review request is for implemention of general comments at front-end.

  • Now the general comment can be displayed as a review box on the page
  • Issue bar is working (e.g. fix/drop/reopen the issue) and the issue summary seems good.
  • A email is sent when a general comment is created and replied.

How to create a general comment:
1. On a review request page, click ‘Add Comment’ to the right of ‘Review’ button.
2. A green box will pop up. Write your general comment and tick the checkboxes if needed.
3. Click ‘OK’ to save the comment, then the green box will disappear and there will be a review draft banner on the top of the page.
4. If you wish to have multiple general comments in the same review, repeat step 1-3.
5. Once finished, click 'Publish' on the review draft banner to publish the review. (or you can discard or edit the review just like publishing other comments)

All js-tests passed.

Tests including:
1. reviewReplyEditor with general comments
2. General comment model
3. reviewReply with general comments
4. reviewDialogView with general comments