Add a configuration option to the JSHint tool plugin.

Review Request #6241 — Created Aug. 18, 2014 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded




This adds a config option to the JSHint plugin, allowing admins to specify
which JSHint options should be turned on or off. The contents of a .jshintrc
file can simply be copied into this field.

I also fixed a small bug in make_tempfile() (the default value of None for
extension would cause an error since mkstemp()'s suffix must be a string).

Without any config specified, I published a review request, saw the worker run
jshint without the --config flag. The published review did not include issues
on unused variables.

Using the same config as reviewboard/static/rb/js/.jshintrc, I published a
review request, and saw the worker run jshint with the --config flag this time.
The published review included issues on unused variables.