Properly generate parent diffs in git

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The old behavior was to only populate the 'parent_base' attribute
if the 'base' of the review range did not show up with
git branch -r --contains <base>

This fails for many common environments (such as having pushed to
your private github repository prior to posting the review).
Presumably, the assumption that was made is that if the base is
present on a remote branch, it must be already available to
Review Board. With distributed version-control systems, this is
not a safe assumption to make.

With this change, we will always look up the merge base and
compare it to the review base. If they are different, we will pass
along the parent_base so that the parent diff can be generated

1) Set up a series of patches that depended on one another. (Patch 2 depends on changes from patch 1)
2) Pushed the patches to a remote git repository
3) Ran 'rbt post patch1:patch2'

Previous behavior:
The file was not found in the repository (HTTP 400, API Error 207)

Behavior after this patch:
Review was properly uploaded.

  1. Just to check my understanding of what's going on, when you pushed, you pushed to a remote other than the one which is connected to the Review Board server?

    1. Yes, it was a remote other than the one linked by Review Board. Even if it was, this check would still be wrong (merely harmlessly so) if the commit existed on the linked repository but in an unrelated branch. (Harmless because in that case, RB would still be able to look it up by hash even though it wasn't logically related to the patch being applied).

      However, if this hash appears only in remote branches that are unaccessable to Review Board, it's going to fail. I don't know of any fool-proof way to know ahead of time on the client which remote necessarily matches the one Review Board is aware of, so I solved the problem more simplistically (just checking whether the base and parent_base were the same). In the worst-case (where the diff does exist in some other branch that RB has access to), we've generated an unnecessary parent diff. In the more common case, this will just be faster and safer.

  1. Oops, closed the wrong thing.

  1. Ship It!

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