Support parallel-installed Django eggs

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Support parallel-installed Django eggs

If a system has different versions of Django installed as separate
eggs (such as having the latest version as well as an older version
for compatibility with ReviewBoard), this addition to the WSGI
loader enables it to find the matching supported version on the

This will also make things easier on distro upgrades, as it will be
possible to have both the Django 1.4 egg on the system with Review
Board 1.7.21 and Django 1.6 in place for Review Board 2.0

A release note will be needed for existing sites, as if they want to
support this capability, they will need to update their
reviewboard.wsgi file manually. This patch will take affect only for
new installs.

Installed the prototype parallel-installable Django 1.4 package on Fedora 20:

Verified that ReviewBoard starts properly. It failed without this patch.