Remove gratuitous restrictions on bug_tracker URLs

Review Request #520 — Created Aug. 31, 2008 and submitted


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Django's URLField is fairly strict in the kinds of URLs it allows. For example, it fails to allow domain-less (internal) hostnames; see Based on django tickets, it also prevents some other useful real-world URLs.

Since the bug tracker URL is controlled by the administrator, and internal sites may face working with legacy system integration, I propose removing the URL validation by switching to CharField.

Not covered in this patch is altering django's source to fix url_re in Django's source (url_re in django/forms/ line 523).
None (I modified the database directly, which worked for my internal installation's needs)
  1. This change looks okay, but I'm concerned about migrations.  Does this work with ./ evolve?
    1. I can't test it locally, since I did not use the provided patch locally.
    2. It won't. The field type changes and it will cause a problem.
      You'll have to do something like in diffviewer/evolutions/ (with the FakeChangeFieldType).
      I'd also much rather see a URIField implemented (in Djblets) than to use a CharField here.
    3. Any update on this?
    4. Nothing from me. I fixed it on our site as I mentioned before. I've seen no ill effects from inserting my non-conforming URL directly using the command-line sqlite client. I don't yet have the resources (time, mostly) to stand up another testing instance and try to meet your suggestions.
      If you want to close this until someone steps up (or I find some time), I'll understand.
    5. Just a heads-up on where this stands.
      I'm ready to commit this, but we require some work in Django Evolution first. We need a good solution over there for when a field type's class is changing when the field type itself is generally the same. We're investigating possibilities. After we have a solution, I'll commit this.
    6. Submitted in r1571. Thanks!