Make Review Board installable as a Python egg

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Review Board SVN (deprecated)


This provides the ability to build a Python egg for Review Board. It contains all the information needed to register in the Cheese Shop, a list of dependencies, and all the files.

This is not fully complete and it's not ready for people to use, but I need to get this part in before I can finish. It's step two in my master plan.

After this, I'll be setting up the buildbots to build eggs for all our dependencies and dropping them in a snapshots directory. They will then be installed and tested against the packages as part of the builds to ensure that all the eggs are complete.

Once a night, when the eggs are complete, the info will be put available on our Downloads page and Review Board and Djblets eggs will be automatically uploaded to the Cheese Shop, tagged as SVN snapshots.

Users will then be able to either download the eggs or just 'easy_install ReviewBoard'. Djblets will be automatically downloaded and, once I have the build setup going, we'll be able to host an unofficial Django Evolution snapshot on a page pointed to by the Review Board, causing it to look in our install if it's not available in the Cheese Shop.

We'll be able to take advantage of how setuptools handles versioning in the future so that users will by default grab the stable releases when using easy_install while still having the option to specify that they want the bleeding edge nightly snapshots.
Tested that I could build a ReviewBoard egg and that it appeared to have all the files we care about without bundling our dependencies.
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    This could be prettier:
    for package_name in find_packages(
       exclude=["djblets",         "djblets.*",
                "dango_evolution", "django_evolution.*"])