(feature) send only review & reply emails to notification group and minor fixes

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This patch introduces ability to send notifications only for reviews & replies. Additional parameter is added to Review Group. In addition this patches contains 2 minor fixes:
- no need to add committer into email for review request creation
- limit list of files inside email bodies (not configurable)

This fix is tested on internal corporate production environment.

  1. Can you describe the rationale for each part of this change?

    I see really three changes here:

    1) A new option to control where discussions go (this is what I don't understand)
    2) The creator of the review request is no longer on the recipient list (This will cause trouble with threads, since the local mail client likely won't have it -- not sure this is something we'll want to add)
    3) Long filename lists in the e-mails are trimmed (that seems decent, but maybe should be a separate change)

    1. 1) There are 3 types of people in my company who uses RB. The first is committers, second is reviewers, third is others. 3rd type of people doesn't want to receive email regarding review request creation, because it can be more than 100 new review requests per day for single project. So they've requested to send them only discussion of reviews by reviewers.

      2) Reasoning is simple. If I as author create new request, I have no need to receive email regarding this creation. To be backward-compatible, this behaviour can be configurable. It's quiet easy to add option for SiteConfig or for Repository.

      3) It just come to me, that full list of emails can be available by button. User clicks on more files and full list of files make visible. It allow to send full list of files, so mail client can index it and so on...

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