Calculate outgoing Mercurial changesets from current revision

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Previously, RBTools calculated outgoing Mercurial changesets by asking
Mercurial about *all* changesets on the current branch not in the
remote. While this works, it's not ideal. This querying is expensive
since it pulls in all changesets, not just ancestors of the eventual

With this patch, we now pass "-r ." into hg outgoing. This limits the
lookup to changesets that are ancestors of the working copy. In some
repository configurations (such as my own, where I have bookmarks
tracking thousands of changesets that will never be pushed to the
remote), this drastically speeds up diff computation and makes RBTools

  1. Thanks, this looks like a good change overall. Unfortunately, it's breaking a unit test (specifically, rbtools.clients.tests:MercurialClientTests.testDiffBranchDiverge). You can run this with nosetests:

    $ nosetests -v rbtools.clients.tests:MercurialClientTests.testDiffBranchDiverge

    According to the test failure, resulting diff contains more changes than the unit test expects.

    Based on the bug post you tweeted earlier today, I don't know if you're up for looking into this
    further and making changes. If not, we'll work to get it in.

    1. I can look into this.

      I should know better than to submit a patch without running the tests. I should know better than to submit patches without corresponding tests ;)

    2. No worries. Thanks!

  1. Looks great. Thanks!

    1. One thing of note is that these changes are on master (staging area for the next 0.6 releases, which is where we're working to improve revision handling all around), whereas the current releases are from release-0.5.x. I can push these to master, but they won't make it into the 0.5.x releases without some massaging. Do you have a strong opinion on getting these into 0.5.x?

    2. Pushing them to 0.5 isn't high priority for me. I like the refactored code on master. But this patch is trivial enough to uplift to 0.5 if you feel it warrants it.

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