Un-escape markdown text for 'rbt patch -c'

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Un-escape markdown text for 'rbt patch -c'

The patching step was including escaped characters in the description and
testing done, which was annoying to look at, and made it so in the case where
the first line of the description was the same as the summary except for
escaping, we wouldn't collapse them together.

This change adds some code to do the same as markdown_unscape() from

Ran rbt patch -c for a few changes on reviews.reviewboard.org that had
escaped descriptions and testing done. Saw the expected results.

  1. Let's make this reusable so that other commands can take advantage of it. Totally conceivable that others would want this.

    1. Actually, if you hold off on this change for a bit, I'll work to get my other change ready. It introduces an optional request field for these APIs that forces text into Markdown format. I'll just alter it to let you force into either plain-text or Markdown, and then rbt patch can tell it to use plain.

    2. How would you feel about me committing this as-is with a comment that it should be cleaned up once we add new fields to the API?

    3. I think once my thing is done, this entire commit would just be reverted, since it'll just get
      plain text back. I suppose that's fine if you think it's worth doing.

    4. What's your ETA? This makes rbt patch -c much nicer to use.

    5. I can get the change up in the next couple days.

    6. I'm going to just submit this and you can revert it when you have a better solution.

    7. Sounds good. Got some more urgent things to deal with (django-evolution is busted with Django 1.5).

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