CVS scmtool

Review Request #50 — Created June 4, 2007 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded

Review Board SVN (deprecated)
Added 100% unittests
Removed extrapath dependency

Back from vacation, fixed the remaining code format issues.
Interface now lists new files with correct name
Open problem: sort out and remove dependency of extrapath and add tests.

Uses the new diffparser, code gets a lot better now.
Open problem: interface lists new files as "/dev/null" (file.origName), not the real name found in file.newName, is this changes recently?
Also, removes dependency on external lib for CVS, needs to think a smart way to use other methods than pserver.

A first draft of the CVS scmtool. Whats needs to be done is to figure out how to store and display the complete filename when viewing the diff and change to a better cvs lib.
100% unit-tested (included)