Provide pre-defined variables for .less files.

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Provide pre-defined variables for .less files.

We now supply development and packaged .less files with a set of global
variables they can use when packagin. These provide a base path for
static files (to allow for importing defs and other files), debug
information, and version information, which can be used for LessCSS
guards to supply different rules for different versions of Review Board.

There's also a fix for building .less files. We didn't have
FORCE_BUILD_MEDIA set, causing issues building .less files, depending on
the development setup.

Referenced our defs file in a new extension's .less file. Tested it with
the extension both in development mode and as a packaged extension, and
manually verified the compiled .css file.

Played around with variables depicting the globals set, and guards using
the version and DEBUG information, and verified they're working right.

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