Switch over to django.contrib.auth.views.login

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Switch over to django.contrib.auth.views.login

Once upon a time, django.contrib.auth didn't have a built-in login view. As of
about half a decade ago, it does. This means we can kill the one in djblets,
which isn't nearly as well maintained.

This change switches us over to the new view and form, which works pretty
similarly to the old one. The major differences are in the naming of the error
fields, next vs. next_page (which I'll deal with once I stop using
djblets.auth.util.login_required), and CSRF protection.

  • Tried to login with an invalid username and password and saw the right error.
  • Tried to login after fiddling with the CSRF token and saw a 403.
  • Logged in with a valid username and password and was redirected to
  • Checked that when I accessed a page when logged out I was redirected to log
    in, and then once I logged in, I was redirected back to that page.
  1. Ship It!
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