Add API for fetching and setting diff file attachments.

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Add API for fetching and setting diff file attachments.

There's now a /api/repositories/<id>/diff-file-attachments/ resource
that contains the known, registered diff file attachments tied to a
repository. Nothing on this tree can be modified, only retrieved.

In the future, some file attachments will be automatically associated.
Those that cannot can be modified by issuing a PUT on a draft filediff
resource and passing a file for the file attachment representing the
destination/modified file. Right now, this is allowed for all filediffs
for binary files, but later it will be restricted.

Unit tests pass.

This hasn't been used in any production-ready code yet, but I did some
preliminary testing with the API when I was first writing this support.

  1. Ship It!
    1. This obsoletes /r/4647/ right?
    2. Oh.. I thought I had posted it before, but figured I didn't. Yep!
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