Add dynamic site configuration to Review Board

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Review Board SVN (deprecated)


Up until now users have had to edit to customize their Review Board install. While we documented many of the options, it was still a pain for users as they'd have to log in and edit the file and then restart the server.

With the new djblets.siteconfig app, we can now move in a more modern direction for customization of Review Board. Aside from a few basic essential settings in (such as database configuration) the admin UI will now be the place to go to customize Review Board.

A migration script is provided to automatically migrate all settings into the new siteconfig database entry. The next time users run ./ syncdb, the script will detect that the settings need to be migrated and handle it all. Everything we care about should be preserved, including authentication information.
I've tested this with brand new installs and with a few different migrated databases. I haven't hit any problems yet but I haven't actually tested the resulting settings for authentication. Users can specify NIS or LDAP servers and I know we save the information but before this goes in, I'll be testing on an actual install.