Fix for "Absolute Module Reference Invalid" CVS error.

Review Request #445 — Created July 8, 2008 and submitted


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This is a fix for the "Absolute Module Reference Invalid".

The problem apparently has to do with the filename argument.  If you look at it's contents I have a fully qualified filename.  In looking at the C code in CVS they have a method they pump that argument through called isabsolute() and if it hits that check then it bails with the error given.  So if you want to view the diff for /path/to/mymodule/config.php you must only give it "mymodule/config.php" (i.e. strip off /path/to/my/).

I've confirmed this from the command line.  This works:

cvs -d :pserver:reviewboard@ co mymodule/config.php

While this does not:

cvs -d :pserver:reviewboard@ co /path/to/my/project/mymodule/config.php
Not much...just tested a few local CVS diff's and seems to work fine.  More testing is definitely needed.