Added full home directory to subversion certificate error message.

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Review Board SVN (deprecated)


The previous message just said '~'.  This substitutes the actual home directory of the user which should be helpful when diagnosing svn issues.
scmtools tests still run (os x, linux).  Used this change to help diagnose confusion about which user reviewboard was running as.
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    We should probably figure out what our story is for running this on Windows. This and the path mentioned may very well be wrong.
    1. Good point.  I think os.path.expanduser('~') might be the better choice here anyway.  I'll try it out on Mac and Windows then update the diff.
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    Rather than special-casing this line, remove the "+" on each line (as Python will properly concatenate the strings) and then put the "% home" at the end of the whole string. (Home doesn't need to be in parens).
  1. Updated diff.  I attempted to write a unit test for this, but it looks like the subversion get_file test doesn't run correctly on windows yet.
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    On my XP image this resolves as follows:
    >>> os.path.expanduser('~')
    'C:\\Documents and Settings\\Administrator'
  1. Looks good. Committed as r1412. Thanks!