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I updated the BuildBot plugin for rebiewbot so that it works with the new api.
I tested it with a buildbot instance that I have set up here.
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Why the introduction of this dependency?

SM smacleod
  1. Hey, just a quick question.
  2. bot/setup.py (Diff revision 1)
    Why the introduction of this dependency?
    1. This is not needed. It can be removed. I tried to upload a new diff but it hanged for a few hours so I will try again later. I pushed the changes to github.com/rguarino/ReviewBot if you want to see them.
    2. Sounds good. I've removed it, as well as made a few changes and pushed it to the rework branch (https://github.com/reviewboard/ReviewBot/tree/rework). This will land with the new features.
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