Compress JavaScript with SlimIt

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Compress JavaScript with SlimIt

JSMin carries a non-free license and is unsuitable for use in
open-source software. SlimIt provides both a compatible license
and better minification than jsmin, making it a much better choice
for ReviewBoard.
A variant of this patch (without the changes) has been carried in Fedora for over a year with no ill effects.
  1. Hey Stephen,
    We just decided to go with UglifyJS. This change was on master, but we can merge it into 1.7 if you'd like it there too.
    1. Merge it if you wish. If not, I'll continue to carry this patch in Fedora until 1.8 is released (or migrate to UglifyJS there ahead of time to make sure it works).
      Closing this review request.
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Superseded by the change to UglifyJS