Introduce the api-get command.

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chipx86, mw_triad
Introduce the api-get command.

The new rbt api-get command takes a path to an api resource, requests
the resource, and prints it as JSON. The path can either be rooted
at the api level (e.g. '/review-requests/123/') or be a full url.

Query arguments may also be specified for the request. Each query
argument, appearing after '--', taking the form
'--<query-arg>=<value>' will be added to the request. For example,
'rbt api-get /review-requests/ -- --counts-only=1' would result in
a request to ''.

To support this new command, a new 'get_url' is now required for
transports. This change provides the required method for the
Requested a number of resources with different query arguments and
observed the expected JSON output. Also tested some error conditions
such as print the error payloads when requesting non-existent
review-request resources (ids which don't exist).