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Patch against release-1.7.7 because master was not work :)

Right now integration supports patch compatible with Jazz Patch 1.0
Unfortunately I were not able test it against RTC 4.0.2 server configured with BASIC authentication method.
Testing against BASIC authentication method and Websphere will be VERY helpful.
While testing patches generated in Eclipse environment was used however it also should works against patches generated by command-line tool.
DiffParser base on '#before_state" information to fetch information.
Username and password to RTC Repository are required!

User given in repository configuration must be member of all necessery Project Areas and Team Areas, have assigned license and role to be able to read source control content!!!
Check credentials and Access Control configuration twice before you raise issue!!!

* Handle "createemptyfile"
* Diff with new files
* Diff with changes
* Diff with deleted files
* Diff with moved files
* Against RTC Tomcat with FORM authentication method