Add the djblets.feedview app for viewing RSS/Atom feeds

Review Request #408 — Created June 7, 2008 and submitted


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This introduces the new djblets.feedview app, which is designed to allow sites to embed RSS/Atom feeds. We make use of the single-file MIT-licensed "feedparser" module for this, which we ship along with feedview.

This is to be used in the new admin UI for displaying Review Board news updates on the new dashboard.
Tested along with the new admin UI. Viewing feeds works fine.
  2. Huh.  This doesn't look right.
    1. Yeah, but it shouldn't hurt us... I'd rather not modify feedparser code. It's easier if we can just drop in new versions down the road.
    2. It looks like this is meant to be used via "svn cat" (or equivalent), so it fills in the revision number.  I'd really like to have that number here so we know which version of feedparser we've got.
    3. Fixing this. It'll be in my commit.
  3. Do you need to escape url here?
    1. Could have sworn I replied to this, but I guess not. I think that was while my wireless drivers messed up and had to be reset...
      Anyhow, it worked during my tests. I thought about escaping it but I don't know that we're using any invalid characters in general. If anything, maybe cache_memoize should escape keys that come in.